Fire Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | A Guide to Dealing with Fire Damage


Whether a small or big fire, a fire accident can be overwhelming to maneuver, not forgetting the loss you may have incurred.  The first thing you should do is bring your restoration company on board to help with the cleanup. ServiceMaster provides fire damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh so that you can reach out to […]

Water Damage Restoration in Greater Pittsburgh | When to Call A Professional

water damage cleanup greater Pittsburgh

The best time to call a professional is immediately after water damage happens. Water damage is not only an expert’s call but also a severe problem that you cannot afford to ignore. ServiceMaster is a call away if you are in Greater Pittsburgh and looking for reliable water damage restoration professionals. So, when should you […]

Is Water Removal Covered Under Homeowner’s Insurance? | Water Removal Company

Crawl Space Water Damage

The last thing you want to deal with after your home has flooded is to fight with your homeowner’s insurance about covering the costs of the water removal company and damages to your personal property. However, insurance companies know that water damage happens frequently. If they had to pay out for every single water damage […]

Top Causes of Commercial Water Damage | Water Damage Cleanup

water damage restoration

One of the most devastating situations a business owner or manager can walk into is a flood that requires immediate water damage cleanup. Even small flood issues can cause a delay in your business which means a loss of revenue which is why knowing the causes of commercial flooding and how you can prevent them. […]

Water Damage Services | Why Does My Basement Flood in the Winter?


While it may still be sunshine and warm weather, winter is going to be here before you know it and homeowners should be prepared. You might think that water damage services are needed the most in the spring when there is a lot of rain, but flooding can happen all year round and winter is […]

Mold Removal in Pittsburgh | Quarantined in a Moldy Home?


The world has changed quickly, and people are having to learn to live lifestyles they never thought they would have to such as being quarantined or have restrictions in place on businesses. One of the things people don’t realize is how dangerous staying home can be for some. Older homes are often at risk for […]

Water Damage Restoration | Why Standing Water is So Destructive


When natural disasters occur, the aftermath is often devastating. Not only will there often be structural damage to a home, but standing water will also be a big problem as well. No other restoration on a home can begin until water damage restoration is underway. Standing water poses significant health and safety risks to homeowners […]

Water Damage Cleanup in Pittsburgh | How to Prevent Water Damage

water damage

Timely cleanup and restoration after water damage are necessary to curb extensive damage to your valuables. If you are looking for water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, Service Master can come to your rescue.  Below are tips to prevent water damage; all helpful whether or not your property has a history of water damage.  Inspect […]

Is Carpeting Easy To Replace?

water damage

One of the things replaced most frequently after a flood and water damage restoration is the carpeting in the affected room(s). Water can deteriorate carpeting and cause mold and mildew growth. While many carpets can be cleaned and restored, some homeowners take the opportunity to get brand-new carpet instead. However, some people don’t realize that […]

Salvaging Furniture After a Flood

water damage restoration

Flooding is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a home. When floods occur, there is often structural damage, loss of personal possessions, and more that can happen. Some homeowners worry that when they can return to the home, water damage restoration will be impossible. Some home damage needs much more work […]

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