Water Damage Services | Why Does My Basement Flood in the Winter?

While it may still be sunshine and warm weather, winter is going to be here before you know it and homeowners should be prepared. You might think that water damage services are needed the most in the spring when there is a lot of rain, but flooding can happen all year round and winter is a busier time than ever. If you have often found yourself wondering why your basement always floods in the winter, we have some possible reasons for you!

  1. Burst Pipes- One of the most common reasons for needing water damage services during the winter is flooding due to burst pipes. When the temperatures outdoors drop below freezing, the water in the pipes will freeze which is why leaving the tap on a trickle is suggested on the coldest days. When the water freezes, it expands, building up the pressure inside the pipes until they explode. The flooding is instant when pipes burst and can cause catastrophic water damage.
  2. Ice Dams- Another common cause of basement flooding is ice dams and snow blockage in the drains or gutters. After a snowstorm when the top layers of ice and snowmelt, they need somewhere to go. When the bottom layer is frozen still and blocking the drains and downspouts, you can find leaks begin to happen throughout your home, including the basement.
  3. Improper Grading- Your home should sit on your property in such a way that the land slopes slightly away from the foundation of your home. Proper grading is necessary to prevent water from pooling around the foundation of your home and seeping into the basement. Improper grading can lead to cracks in your foundation and other problems that require more than water damage services to repair.

No matter what the reason for your flooding issues in your basement, when they happen, you need help mitigating the disaster quickly. That is where the professionals come in handy.

If you need water damage services, call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh at 412-314-3832.

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