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ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh provides hoarders cleaning services to homes and property management agencies in the Western PA areas.
Together, ServiceMaster Restore and Clutter Cleaners have developed a proven process to help people affected by hoarding and overwhelming clutter to clean out a home, and move towards a clutter-free life. This process is divided into three main phases:

Understanding, listening, connecting

Because our goal is to keep the home clean, we make the effort to fully understand the problem before proceeding. We work with the family and individual to make sure everyone is on board, always keeping the hoarder in charge. This may include reference to a local therapist or social services. We build trust over time and show our customer full respect.

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Creating a plan, cleaning, sorting

We develop a restoration plan that serves as a roadmap to the entire cleanout. We help reorganize spaces and remaining possessions. Our teams handle all the details including donation, recycling, and disposal of unwanted items and help families sanitize and display kept items in the home. We can also sort, document and help deliver donated items to the client’s selected nonprofit organization. We can help customize a strategic plan to best meet your cleaning and financial needs.

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Family, aftercare, follow-up

We ensure that the individual and family create a plan to keep and maintain a clean home. We also provide short-term phone support to see if the home is being maintained or if additional help is needed. Whether we’re working with family members, a therapist, or the hoarder, we bring invaluable insight that will help the entire process go smoothly and successfully, with the customer always in control.

Matt Paxton with ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh hoarding crew members

To view the episode of TV’s “Hoarders” featuring ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh, click the link below


Viewers please be aware that this is not just a woman who loves trash, she is a woman going through a remarkable struggle to let go of memories & content that she deems extremely valuable. What this show does not show is; the tragic emotions felt by everyone present throughout this process. Even the men were touched by the raw emotions felt by Barbara and her family. We should stand back and praise Barbara and her family for letting us watch how difficult this process truly is and in the future try to not to pre-judge anyone we may encounter with this disorder. Thank you Barbara for standing strong and we wish you all the best! ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Matt Paxton: “I was letting the Hoarders on A&E episode from Sunday night sit in before I wrote this. Barbara is an amazing woman that is hurting BIG time. Out of respect of the family, they have asked me not to comment about her situation. I do want to scream what the episode showed us all: Even the best cleaning crew in the country ServiceMaster Restore and the top mental health professionals, it still takes a dedicated and supportive family to give the person a chance. This lady had all of these in place and was still unable to be freed from her paralyzing grief and hoarding. Remember folks it’s a disorder not a choice.

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Matt Paxton

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That being said, I want to personally thank the ServiceMaster Crews ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh and our organizers Dorothy Clear, Kristin DiBacco, Lynn Dubinett & Lauren Gilchrist Chapin. The tape doesn’t always show how much work our professional organizers really do put in. This group of amazing woman went above and beyond to do all they could to help this family. Please also send positive thoughts to the family that continues to stay dedicated and nonjudgmental.

If you need help cleaning in the greater Pittsburgh area, please contact one of these compassionate professional organizers or Beth Pedder at ServiceMaster.

As always, thanks for watching. The ratings were VERY good which allows us to keep coming back and helping more families. Next week, I’ll help 2 more families at both 9pm and 10pm on A&E.”.

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh have skilled and compassionate staff members to guide you through the process. For a professional and caring approach to helping solve a serious problem, consider us your trusted choice. From Erie, PA to Morgantown, WV, to Johnstown, PA and Steubenville, OH, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh is here to assist you!

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