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Top Causes of Commercial Water Damage | Water Damage Cleanup

One of the most devastating situations a business owner or manager can walk into is a flood that requires immediate water damage cleanup. Even small flood issues can cause a delay in your business which means a loss of revenue which is why knowing the causes of commercial flooding and how you can prevent them. You will also find out what to do and who to call in case of a disaster.

  1. Broken Pipes- The pipes in your building can become broken or damaged for several reasons—freezing temperatures, sudden changes in pressure, or rusted-out pipes just to name a few. Most floods that require water damage cleanup due to busted pipes could have been prevented if the leak were caught early in most cases. Look for water spots on your ceilings and walls, cracked tiles or drywall, or musty smell and then have a plumber come out to fix the pipe leaks.
  2. Roof Damage- The signs of a leaky roof are much the same as with broken pipes. You might notice a few brownish or yellowish spots on the ceiling, where the walls join or even feel small drops of water falling from the ceiling. Roof damage can be easy to fix if you catch the small drips right away. When the entire roof system fails and your business is flooded, water damage cleanup becomes much more complicated.
  3. Damaged Sprinkler System- Many businesses must have an in-house sprinkler system that activates in case of a fire. Your insurance or city ordinance and state law might require this system also; however, the system meant to put out a fire can cause a big flood. A leaking, faulty, or failed sprinkler system can output quite a bit of water at a fast rate.

There are a few other common reasons flood damage occurs in businesses including natural disasters, problems with the HVAC, leaking or broken windows, and wastewater from sewage backups. No matter what the reason for the flooding in your business, ServiceMaster is here to help.

If you need water damage cleanup in the Greater Pittsburg area, contact ServiceMaster at 412-419-3253.

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