Mold Removal in Pittsburgh | Quarantined in a Moldy Home?

The world has changed quickly, and people are having to learn to live lifestyles they never thought they would have to such as being quarantined or have restrictions in place on businesses. One of the things people don’t realize is how dangerous staying home can be for some. Older homes are often at risk for mold growth which can be detrimental to asthma and allergy sufferers. If you spent a lot of time outside of your home pre-covid and are now quarantined and finding your symptoms much worse, you could have a mold problem in your house. The best way to mitigate this problem is to hire a company that does mold removal in Pittsburgh; however, until you can get an appointment, there are some precautions you can take.

  1. Open Windows- If the weather permits it, keep the windows open as much as possible to air out the home and increase air circulation.
  2. Replace the Air Filter- If your air filter is dirty you may feel better after replacing it. Air filters are mostly useless if they are clogged up with dirt and not filtering out allergens. A HEPA air filter is also the best kind.
  3. Decrease Humidity- Every company that does mold removal in Pittsburgh will tell you that your humidity levels will have the biggest impact on mold growth. Ensure your HVAC system is programmed to keep humidity levels below 50% to prevent mold growth. You can also check out mobile dehumidifiers if air circulation and humidity control in your home is a problem.

The EPA recommends that any time mold is covering more than 10 feet of space you should seek out professional mold removal in Pittsburgh. Mold can be very dangerous for your health and your pets as well. Respiratory illnesses and allergies can be triggered or exacerbated by mold in your home which makes fast mitigation essential for wellness.

If you need mold removal in Pittsburgh, contact ServiceMaster at 412-376-4645.

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