Commercial Cleaning | Taking Commercial Cleaning to the Next Level with Spotlight Cleaning

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Most cleaning companies offer commercial services such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, waxing, and taking out the garbage and wiping down surfaces. However, there are still many cleaning projects that businesses need, and employees don’t have the time or ability to complete during open hours. When you hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of […]

Commercial Cleaning | Getting Your Office Ready to Reopen During COVID-19

commercial cleaning

As more states are starting to loosen restrictions and enter more progressive stages of reopening, you might decide that it’s time to bring your employees back to work in the office and increase productivity. One of the most challenging tasks you will have as a business owner is how to ensure your office workers stay […]

Embrace the Pet-Friendly Office with Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning

There’s a new trend in America that is helping office workers be happier and have reduced stress—The pet-friendly office space. You may have seen a cat in a bookstore, but have you ever been to an office where it’s bring your pet to work day, every day? People are aware by now of the benefits […]

How Commercial Cleaning Can Increase Your Profits | ServiceMaster Of Greater Pittsburgh

Commercial Cleaning

How Commercial Cleaning Can Increase Your Profits Employers that rely on their floor employees to also handle commercial cleaning or office cleaning don’t fully understand how these practices are actually hurting their profit margins. Business owners look at the cost of commercial cleaning and believe they are saving money by making cleaning checklists and adding […]

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