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Embrace the Pet-Friendly Office with Commercial Cleaning

There’s a new trend in America that is helping office workers be happier and have reduced stress—The pet-friendly office space. You may have seen a cat in a bookstore, but have you ever been to an office where it’s bring your pet to work day, every day? People are aware by now of the benefits dogs bring to people’s lives and call centers, law offices, insurance offices, and other niches are allowing their employees to bring their furry friends to work with them. You might be thinking, wouldn’t that make offices dirty? What about people with severe allergies? Each office manager needs to weigh the pros and cons of allowing pets in the workplace and take into consideration employees with allergies; however, one thing you don’t have to sweat is the office being dirty when you use commercial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning and Pets

Commercial cleaning companies know you want an office space that is odor and hair-free. Even when there are no pets in the office, professional cleaners use the highest grade, industrial cleaning products that can get rid of odors, including pet odors fast. Commercial grade carpet shampooers and vacuums are also perfect for removing pet hair from carpeting and rugs. Worried about dog nails scratching against your tile floor? A professional floor strip, wax, and polish can take care of that quickly and efficiently!

Office managers need to develop policies for their employees that wish to bring their dogs to work with them including policies for pet health, obedience, waste, and owner accountability. Office managers may also need to check for pet policy information with their property insurance or business liability insurance before allowing any animals into the workspace.

If you decide that a pet-friendly workplace is the right choice for your office, let your commercial cleaning company know so they can ensure they bring the right tools and products for the job when they come to clean next.

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