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How Commercial Cleaning Can Increase Your Profits

Employers that rely on their floor employees to also handle commercial cleaning or office cleaning don’t fully understand how these practices are actually hurting their profit margins. Business owners look at the cost of commercial cleaning and believe they are saving money by making cleaning checklists and adding in cleaning tasks to their employee’s job descriptions. However, hiring a commercial cleaning company can actually increase your profit margins. Here’s how:

  1. Prevent More Significant Issues-Commercial cleaning companies offer professional floor treatments, carpet cleaning, and other services that help to extend the life of your building’s flooring and fixtures. Regular cleaning and floor care maintenance means that you’ll be able to save money by not having to replace your flooring too soon or having to conquer even larger problems that cost more money and time.
  2. Improve Customer Traffic-When you hire a commercial cleaning company to keep your business in tip-top shape, you’ll see an increase in your customer foot traffic. No one wants to shop somewhere that is dirty or has floors and fixtures that look old and unkempt. When your business or office shines bright and clean, more people will want to be there and keep coming back which means an increase in your profits.
  3. Improved Employee Morale-One of the best ways to boost your employee morale is to let them focus on customer service, sales, and other job duties that don’t include cleaning. When your employees are happier, their work performance also improves. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will boost your profit margins by makes your employees efficient and allowing them to focus on sales and service.

Commercial cleaning isn’t an expense. It’s an investment into your building’s integrity, employee morale, and getting loyal customers. Commercial cleaning doesn’t have to cost you a lot when you use it to its full potential and can reap the benefits and amazing return on investment.

If you are looking for the best commercial cleanup crew call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg. Our team of service professionals is efficient, professional, and quick at their jobs, which can save you time and money at the end of your remodel project. Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg to discuss your residential or commercial cleaning needs today at 412-528-5986.


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