Spring Restoration and Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance Tips

Springtime is here which means that warmer weather is ahead and the cold days of winter are behind us. During this time of year, along with your spring cleaning, it is a good idea to take part in a few home restoration and maintenance projects especially with the hot weather of summer ahead.

Tip # 1: Inspect Your Air Conditioner and Water Heater

While you can inspect your air conditioner and water heater yourself for any obvious damage such as cracks or hail damage that may have occurred to your air conditioning unit, it is a good idea to have a professional come out and do a thorough inspection at least once a year. Inspecting and completing annual maintenance can save you money and time. If you can identify problems before they arise you can avoid the unwanted surprises such as an air conditioner or water heater that isn’t working when you need it most.

Gutter Maintenance

Tip #2: Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

Again, do your best to inspect your roof and gutters for any noticeable damage that may have been the result of a winter storm. You will want to make sure that your roof and gutters are in good shape and able to handle the heavy rain that is common during the springtime. Also having a qualified professional inspect these areas of your home is important to avoid potential disasters such as leaks and worse yet, floods.

Tip #3: Inspect Your Attic and Basement

When inspecting your attic and basement look for signs that water may have entered your home. These signs include stains and any discoloration that may be the result of dried water. Also pay attention to the smell in these areas of your home. Is it unusually musty? If so, this may be a sign that water has entered your home at some point. Also if you notice areas were dirt or debris have built up this can be an indication that water was present as well. If you do notice symptoms of water damage, contact a restoration professional right away. Your home may be harboring mildew and mold if water was present and may also be susceptible to major flooding when heavy rain hits.

Tip #4: Inspect Your Foundation

Take a look at your foundation outside to see if there are any cracks present. Also look at the area around your foundation for signs of compacted soil, cracks in the soil or any other areas that may be prone to pooling or puddling. Once the heavy rains of spring are upon us, these areas may put pressure on your foundation and cause cracking. Once your foundation has been cracked the chance for flooding increases as water can seep through the cracks and enter your basement or crawlspace.

Tip #5: Inspect Outside Faucets

Inspect your outside faucets and the wall area around the faucet before turning it on. Once you have inspected the faucet and the area around it, then turn on the water while putting your finger or thumb over the opening. This will measure the water pressure. If you are able to stop the water from flowing, then there is a good chance that one of your pipes is damaged which is likely the result of a frozen pipe during the winter. If you do have a damaged pipe then it is quite possible that you could have an interior leak. It is important to get a qualified professional out right away if you suspect that you have a damaged interior or exterior pipe.

Following these tips for spring home restoration and maintenance can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair costs. If your home is not properly maintained you may become the victim of disaster from flooding and/or fire.

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