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Restoration Contractors Pittsburgh

Suffering a loss and having restoration work performed on your property is very stressful and the restorer should be able to answer any questions you have about the process without making you feel uncomfortable. It is imperative that you feel you can communicate clearly with the contractor. If we can easily explain what will be happening to restore your property, the greater the likelihood that we will be able to work well together during the restoration process.

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh are specialists in the repair of buildings damaged by a wide variety of perils.


Our staff specializes in the repair and cleaning of personal property from homes and businesses. These kinds of cleaning processes and repairs require specialized equipment and knowledge that a normal General Contractor will not have. In addition, the restoration contractor uses estimating software that is acceptable to the insurance companies in the calculation of the repair estimate.

Why a Restoration Contractor?

The single most important decision you will make as you rebuild your home or business is deciding which contractor will do the repair work. This job is particularly complicated when it comes to an insurance repair since a decision that may seem very logical can actually be a serious mistake. Although there are exceptions to every rule, here are some major things to do and perhaps more importantly, some common things not to do:

  • Don’t Choose Uncle Joe-
    Almost everyone has some relative or close friend who is in the constructions business. Aside from the problems associated with working with relatives or friends the lack of experience with working with the insurance company and the stressful nature of working in a disaster situation usually results in a “MORE DISASTROUS” situation.
  • Don’t Choose the Company that Built your House-
    At first, the logic of this choice may seem appealing. The original builder may be an excellent builder with excellent craftsman. Typically, a builder that specializes in new construction from the ground up does not have the knowledge or experience working in a repair environment. Special considerations such as odor removal issues or mold remediation issues are also foreign to them. Finally the restoration contractor brings great experience in working with the insurance company to the benefit of the home or building owner.
  • Don’t Choose a Remodeling or New Construction Contractor-
    It is important to remember that insurance repair work is a complex and sophisticated profession. Repair work completed by a qualified professional never has new structural or code problems. Also there is never lingering smoke, odor or mildew problems that were overlooked. Repairs attempted by people who may otherwise be distinguished professionals often leave lingering problems for years to come.
  • Don’t Choose Someone Who Hasn’t Worked with Insurance Companies-
    Insurance companies require extensive paperwork and documentation for settling claims. Because the insurance company requires a detailed listing of the loss, the insurance estimate is much more detailed and comprehensive than other building estimates. An experienced insurance repair contractor understands the detailed paperwork and process involved with the repair process and is able to guide and consult the property owner throughout the project including the flow of funds for the project.
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