Why Is My Water Damage Problem Reappearing? | Water Damage In Pittsburgh

Water Damage in Pittsburgh

Recurring water damage is the worst that can happen to a home. Usually, it’s due to poor repairs made by non-professionals or just a bad contractor. But at ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh, we do not take shortcuts or give leeway to repeat repairs. Call us for any type of water damage in Pittsburgh! Is the […]

Can House Appliances Cause Water Damage? | Water Damage In Pittsburgh

Water Damage in Pittsburgh

Pan around your Pittsburgh home kitchen, and you will find several household appliances that use water to perform daily functions. Unfortunately, these appliances can leak at some point, causing water damage in Pittsburgh. Most times, these leaks are barely noticeable until it is too late. ServiceMaster Of Greater Pittsburgh is no stranger to such challenges, […]

Don’t Do These 6 Things After Water Damage In Your Home | Water Damage In Pittsburgh

water damage in Pittsburgh

Key Takeaways: Water damage can be a stressful and frustrating experience for homeowners, but it’s crucial to act quickly and take the proper steps to prevent further damage. Some don’t dos include using electrical appliances or turning on the lights, using DIY methods for restoration, and forgetting to document the damage. Don’t assume the area […]

Water Damage Restoration in Greater Pittsburgh | When to Call A Professional

water damage cleanup greater Pittsburgh

The best time to call a professional is immediately after water damage happens. Water damage is not only an expert’s call but also a severe problem that you cannot afford to ignore. ServiceMaster is a call away if you are in Greater Pittsburgh and looking for reliable water damage restoration professionals. So, when should you […]

Water Damage Restoration in Greater Pittsburgh | Water Damage Timelines and What to Do

Water Disaster Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh

Owning a home isn’t all roses, as water damage emergencies can occur anytime. But you can never be prepared for a flooded basement, a clogged toilet, or a leaking roof. In such a case, professionals for water damage restoration can come on board and restore your home’s functionality.  Timeline  Water damage happens in a second’s […]

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