Water Damage in Pittsburgh

Can House Appliances Cause Water Damage? | Water Damage In Pittsburgh

Pan around your Pittsburgh home kitchen, and you will find several household appliances that use water to perform daily functions. Unfortunately, these appliances can leak at some point, causing water damage in Pittsburgh. Most times, these leaks are barely noticeable until it is too late.

ServiceMaster Of Greater Pittsburgh is no stranger to such challenges, which is why we are the best option in the area!

Finding the Leaking Appliances

It’s wise to identify all the water-bearing & electrical appliances in your home so you can monitor them for leakage & prevent a hazard. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the leak source without professional services.

Here are a few electrical appliances that can lead to water damage if they leak.

The Washing Machine | Water Damage in Pittsburgh

Front-load washers are notorious for water damage, but the real danger lies in leaks underneath or behind the appliance. That indicates a severe problem with the hoses & the water pump. In addition to the water damage, any exposed wires near the leaks can turn the appliance into a deathtrap.


It is the most typical cause of residential water damage in Pittsburgh. Dishwashers might leak due to an unlevel base, worn-out gaskets, excess wash loads, and compromised inlet & drain seals. The leak might be substantial enough to flood the kitchen or have invisible seepage. And if it is on a higher floor, the damage is bound to be extensive, so go for a professional restoration company near you to inspect the damage.


A clogged defrost drain from a stuffed freezer unit can cause overnight misery to your wooden floorboards. Other leaks might stem from the supply lines or a faulty ice maker. You should occasionally check your fridge’s back to ensure no moldy drywall is behind it. Refrigerator leaks are the most prone to becoming electrocution hazards, and if the appliance shorts out, you are left with another perishable problem!

HVAC | Water Damage in Pittsburgh

A leaky heating, venting & air conditioning system can be unforgiving to your home. Common issues include condensate drainage problems, leaking or frozen AC coils, improperly installed or damaged ductwork, and humidifier malfunctions. Regular maintenance & prompt repairs are essential to prevent water damage. Consult a professional HVAC technician, & then a restoration company in Pittsburgh if you notice any signs of water leakage or excessive condensation.

Water Heater Tank

Although it’s lovely, rainy weather here, a hot shower is a must to begin your day with. But the water heater is the most stressed-out appliance in your home. It can leak at the inlet or outlet valve, possibly due to corroded seals or the tank. And nothing speeds up water damage in Pittsburgh like hot water!

Trust Us to Deal with Water Damage in Pittsburgh Due to Leaking Appliances 

ServiceMaster Of Greater Pittsburgh’s experts are available 24/7 to help you if you’re experiencing residential water damage. We offer emergency water removal, restoration, and damage cleanup to make things right immediately.

We’ll ensure your home is safe and dry and work hard to restore your damaged home, including drywall replacement, mold remediation, site cleanup, and other restoration services.

If you’re facing water damage, don’t wait any longer, and call us now at (412) 826-1010!

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