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Why Is DIY Mold Removal Not The Best Idea? | Mold Restoration In Pittsburgh

If you have heard of mold exposure causing health issues or know someone who has experienced it, you would be cautious about going DIY. And that is why ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh advocates professional mold restoration in Pittsburgh.

Why Is Diluted Bleach Not an Effective Mold Removal Solution?

While dilute bleach is a strong disinfectant, spraying it on moldy spots is not a professional or permanent way to deal with mold restoration in Pittsburgh.

It is ineffective on porous surfaces, does not address the root cause, and only eliminates the surface fuzz. It can also pose health risks for pulmonary-compromised individuals, corrode materials & give you a false sense of security.

Mold remediation experts use specialized equipment & disinfecting materials to ensure your home, the walls, the plumbing, and your possessions are all kept safe from a repeat infestation.

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Reasons To Avoid DIY Mold Restoration in Pittsburgh

Bleach is one thing, but folks attempt to rid their homes of mold in many ways through whatever remedy they may find. As mold restoration specialists, we advise against DIY mold removal unless you are trained to handle fungal biohazards.

And now, you will understand why mold problems are best left to professionals.

1. Lack of Expertise: Identifying and addressing the mold correctly requires knowledge and expertise – black mold can be deadly. DIY attempts may result in inadequate removal, leaving behind hidden mold growth that can lead to further damage & health risks.

2. Health Risks: Molds release spores & mycotoxins that can cause severe allergic reactions, respiratory problems, & other health issues. DIY removal without proper safety gear can expose you to these health risks.

3. Incomplete Remediation: Mold remediation involves superficial cleaning and addresses the root cause of moisture/humidity issues. DIY attempts may focus only on visible mold, overlooking hidden mold sources & moisture problems, leading to recurring mold growth.

4. Contamination: Improper handling during DIY mold removal can cause mold spores to contaminate more areas, exacerbating the problem. Spores can be easily dispersed without containment measures, leading to cross-contamination and increased mold growth.

5. Ineffective Mold Testing: Proper mold testing requires specialized equipment to assess the extent of the contamination accurately. DIY testing methods, if you can call them that, may provide inaccurate results, leading to ineffective remediation.

6. Legal Issues: In some jurisdictions, removing mold may require compliance with specific regulations and permits. DIY attempts may overlook legal requirements, leading to potential legal and insurance complications.

7. Time & Cost: DIY tactics can be time-consuming and costly. Lack of experience and proper equipment may result in ineffective removal, requiring additional time & expenses to resolve the issue correctly.

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If you require mold restoration in Pittsburgh, ServiceMaster Of Greater Pittsburgh is a professional mold removal company with years of experience in cleanup & restoration services. It would be best not to attempt to handle mold alone but to call in our professionals to help restore your home to its mold-free glory!

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