Water Disaster Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh

What You Need to Know About Commercial Water Disaster Restoration

Water damage can have a startling effect on your business; think about low productivity, disrupted schedules, and unlivable conditions. When this occurs, you need to plan and bring a professional and solve the problem.

If you live in Greater Pittsburgh, ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh. Our team is dedicated to restoring your commercial building to functionality after water damage and getting you settled in a short time.

Here are things you need to know about commercial water damage.

You Need a Solid Preventive Maintenance Plan

With a preventive maintenance plan, you can minimize risks associated with water damage. Water damage can be expensive and destructive, so you need to have strategies to manage it if it ever happens.

While at it, ensure you have a reliable company on board. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh, so you can count on them if your commercial building suffers water damage.

Stay On Top of Water Disaster Restoration Maintenance

The biggest culprit for water damage in commercial buildings is roof leaks. Have regular inspections of the roof and repair the slightest problems to prevent unexpected water damage in the winter or storm seasons.

Inspect the plumbing lines of your commercial building from time to time to ensure you are functioning optimally. Replace broken faucets and pipes to minimize risks of water damage resulting from leaking pipes.

There are Different Types of Water in Water Damage

You need to understand the different types of water your commercial building has to lay out strategies for water damage mitigation. White water is the clean water running in your building. Gray water comes from the sinks, and that comes from groundwater.

Blackwater is the most dangerous type, as it contains harmful bacteria from sewage and other harmful contaminants.

Commercial water damage can be overwhelming and unpleasant to manage. When this happens, count on ServiceMaster to help you restore your building. Our team provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and is experienced in restoring commercial buildings.

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