What to do if Your Home is Involved in a Fire

Nobody expects to deal with a fire to their property, but unfortunately accidents happen. A fire can be terrifying, and the aftermath can disrupt and devastate your life. The key is to act quickly, stay calm and communication is vital throughout the process of restoring your property after a fire. That’s why hiring a professional who has thorough and proven processes for each stage of your fire restoration.  


Kitchen and electric fires


Fires that originate in the kitchen can spread fast and far. Often, people reach for water without thinking! To avoid spreading the fire, and putting Fire Restoration Pittsburghnearby people’s safety in jeopardy, here are some tips


  • Pour baking soda onto grease fires, never water (small fires only, as it takes a lot to do the job).
  • To extinguish a pan fire, first use a metal lid, as a glass one will shatter. This should quickly consume all the oxygen and the fire should put itself out
  • If you have a Class C fire extinguish (carbon dioxide (CO2) or dry chemical) handy, use those as they are good for small electrical fires. 

    If these tips don’t work, GET OUT, STAY OUT and CALL FOR HELP


    Evaluate the damage


    Typically, fire damaged walls, countertops, floors, and electrical wires that are damaged to the extent everything must be replaced is discouraging. Know that experts such as the professionals at ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh have helped many just like you, time after time. Everything can be fixed, and that timeline will happen much more quickly with experienced professionals such as our team at the helm.


    Document the damage


    Most insurance companies require you to have a professional inspect and document the damage. If you own property, and the fire occurs while tenants are occupying the space, it’s important to have this documentation.


    Consider a professional disaster restoration company


    Fires that spread inside and outside your property, including appliances and patio barbecue grills, have the potential to be highly destructive. Calling ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh today and speak with our skilled professionals who are experienced in all kinds of fire damage repair and restoration. We’ll help you get your life back on track.

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