What is a Puff Back?

Puff Back

Many homeowners may not be aware of what puff back is, but for those that have experienced it, it can be a real hassle to deal with. Puff back is the result of a small explosion inside of your furnace caused from built up debris and oil that is interfering with the ignition of the furnace. The explosion that results will shoot soot through the furnace’s exhaust system and into your home. The aftermath of a puff back explosion is a messy one as soot will likely cover your floors and walls. If you have an older furnace or one that has not gotten proper maintenance, then you may want to take steps to prevent puff back from occurring.

How to Prevent Puff Back

Puff back can be easily prevented by having your furnace inspected annually to ensure that it is in proper working order. In addition, keeping your furnace clean and free of debris can help prevent puff back from occurring. Remove the plate covering your furnace and inspect underneath. If you see any built up debris, then remove it or contact a professional to have the debris safety removed. These small and easy steps can be taken to prevent puff back from occurring and save you and your family from the hassle of cleaning up after the devastation.

Puff Back

What to Do If Puff Back Occurred

If puff back has already occurred in your home, then it is important to act quickly. Don’t wait several days before taking action.

Assess the Damage: After the incident has occurred, take a few moments to assess the damage. It is a good idea to take notes on which areas of your home were affected and the time the incident occurred. In the event of an emergency, no matter how minor, many people may forget simple details that they may be asked about later. If you have a smartphone or camera, then it is a good idea to take pictures of the damage as well. Then, throw away any food that was exposed and put any washable fabrics such as clothing and towels into the washer to be cleaned.

Contact a Professional: After you have assessed the damage, then it is time to contact a reputable furnace repair company to come out and repair or replace your furnace. In the meantime, contact your insurance company to see if the damage may be covered by your insurance policy. Your insurance company can also advise you if the company that you are choosing to clean and restore your home is one that is authorized to use under your policy. If so, then you will also want to contact a professional cleaning and restoration service right away to have the area properly cleaned and ventilated. It is not recommended that you clean it yourself as the soot and debris are harmful to a person’s respiratory system. In addition, professionals have the proper training, equipment, and techniques available to clean the home and test the air quality to ensure that your home is safe to be occupied.

Service Master of Greater Pittsburgh has experts that can help you and your family deal with the devastating effects of puff back. If your home has been victim to puff back, then contact Service Master today to have a professional cleaning and restoration team get your home back to its original state so that you can enjoy a peaceful holiday season.

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