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Water Disaster Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh| How Water Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation

When water accumulates around the exterior of your home, it can seep down to the foundation and cause damage. Water disasters such as sudden snow melts and floods can affect the foundation’s strength, which can be pretty dangerous for you and your family. 


When this happens, you first need to consult a water restoration company for prompt action. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and can come on board and solve the problem before it affects your foundation. 


Here is how water can damage your home’s foundation




The foundation is supported by layers of soil, which, if washed away, exposes the foundation increasing the risk of damage. Also, soil erosion increases the risk of foundation settlement which affects its structural strength. 


Signs to look out for are sinking, uneven floors and windows, and doors that do not close properly. Other signs include cracks on drywall, tilting chimneys, and exterior ground-level wall cracks. 


Hydrostatic Pressure


When a water disaster such as rainstorms and melting snow happens, water collects around the house. Thus exerts hydrostatic pressure against the foundation affecting its overall strength. This pressure can cause cracks in the foundation which can create paths for water to seep into the structure of your home. 


In the event of a water disaster, get professionals to handle the mess. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and can help you clear the water and restore your home’s functionality. 


Expansive Soils


Expansive soils contain minerals that absorb water, quickly increasing the volume. These soils push against the foundation, causing cracks in the floors and walls. When the soils dry out, they shrink, and the cycle continues. 


The foundation is an essential component of your house structure, and any damage to it translates to the other components. If a water disaster occurs and you are afraid it could cause damage to the foundation of your house, contact ServiceMaster. The team provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh, taking up the challenge and ensuring effective restoration. 


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