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Water Disaster Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh | How to Prevent Water Damage in the Bathroom

The bathroom has multiple fixtures and fittings, all connected to the main plumbing system. A slight failure in the line can cause a serious water disaster, warranting the services of a water disaster restoration company. Thanks to Service Master, you can get water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and the neighboring areas. 


Since the bathroom is one of the areas where water damage occurs, what can you do to prevent that?


Regular Inspection

Check the walls and floors for any signs of water damage such as stains, discoloration, moisture buildup, and mold. Also, check under vanities and sinks for any signs of water damage. If you notice a musty smell, there is a high chance of water damage somewhere in the bathroom. 


Timely Repairs

After inspection, you may find a few broken pipes, faulty faucets, missing tiles, or cracked grout. Repair these as soon as possible to prevent extensive water damage that could lead to a disaster. Have a professional fix the broken items and run a thorough inspection to ensure everything is functioning correctly.


If water damage is beyond your control, Service Master is known for excellent water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburg. They will clean up and restore your bathroom to functionality. 


Prevent Clogging and Blockages 

Make sure the drains are working correctly by avoiding flushing down items that could clog the drain. If you notice clogging, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to clear any matter preventing free flow. 


Upgrade the Fixtures

Older tubs, showers, and toilets could be the reason there is water damage in your bathroom. Over time, caulking around these fixtures wears off, allowing water to seep through the walls and floors. Upgrade these together with the fittings to prevent leakages and ultimately water damage. 

With all the fittings in the bathroom, water damage can occur unexpectedly, leading to an unforeseen disaster. Not to worry, Service Master can come and take care of the mess and restore functionality. They have practical tools and skilled professionals providing water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and the environs.

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