Water Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | How to Save Water-Damaged Documents and Books

You can recover most of your water-damaged materials through air-drying. When water damage happens, you need professional cleanup services from Service Master. They provide water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and will help you restore your water-damaged materials.


If your books and other documents have suffered water damage, this is what you should do to save them. 


Thoroughly-Soaked Books


If your books have been submerged fully in water, you will need to either air-dry or freeze-dry them. Service Master can come in handy to help you recover your essentials during cleanup. They provide water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and the environs. But before they do that, you need to take these precautions:


  • Don’t open the book or remove bindings.
  • Cover the drying surface with absorbent paper.
  • Set the book or document on end to allow water to drain. 
  • Use paper towels or aluminum foil between the covers and text block.
  • Keep changing the papers beneath as they get saturated.
  • You can circulate fans around the book but be careful not to aim the fans on the books. 
  • Leave the books to drain until no drops trickle down. 

If you choose to freeze-dry the books, freeze rapidly at -15 to -20 degrees F to prevent damage from ice crystals.


Partially-Wet Books


Air dry partially wet books by covering the surface with absorbent paper. Open the book and fit paper towels after every 20 pages. Lay the book flat and leave the paper towels to soak the moisture. 


You may leave the book flat until the absorbent material has absorbed some water. Change the paper beneath the books until the book is damp. 


Damp Books


Line the drying surface with plastic sheeting or absorbent paper. Set the book to stand and fan slightly. If the cover is damper than the text pages, place an absorbent between the cover and text pages to absorb moisture. Use a fan to dry the book and dry it thoroughly. 


You can recover your essential documents and books after water damage with the help of a professional. If you are looking for a credible water damage restoration company Service Master will come in handy. Their team provides water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and will tend to the mess promptly. 

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