Water Damage

Water Damage Clean Up | Water Damage in Your Attic

Attic leaks are much more common than most homeowners realize; however, the attic isn’t usually someplace you venture to daily, so leaks can get out of hand without you knowing there was any damage at all. Leaks can cause significant structural damage to your home, so water damage clean up, and fixing the leak is imperative.

Steps to Water Damage Clean-Up in Your Attic

  1. Assess the problem- The first thing you must do is discover the source of the leak. Has a pipe burst? Is the roof leaking? Be sure to turn the power to the attic off and never touch anything that is plugged in in areas with water damage.
  2. Fix the Leak- Depending on the extent of water damage; your next step may be to fix the leak. Active leaks need immediate attention; otherwise, the damage will get worse. You’ll most likely need to call a plumber or roofer to fix the problem. Fixing the leak will also include replacing structural, electrical, or plumbing components if needed. Insulation may also need to be replaced.
  3. Water Damage Clean Up- After the leak is fixed, it’s time to clean up the water and fix water damage. You might need a wet/dry vacuum to suck any standing water out of the attic. Waterlogged items should be taken outside and left to dry if possible. All surfaces should be cleaned with bleach and water, and don’t forget that anyone helping needs to wear personal protective equipment. Open any attic windows to allow air circulation and bring fans up to the attic to help dry out the attic.

One of the reasons you must be diligent about your water cleanup in the attic is to avoid mildew and mold growth. Mold especially can be hazardous to your family’s health and spread throughout your home if you don’t catch it in time. Water in the attic can also cause the wood to rot and structural damage that can cost a fortune to repair. Hiring professional clean up services will reduce your chance of having a much bigger problem to remedy.

If you’ve had an attic leak, call ServiceMaster of Pittsburgh at 412-314-3832.

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