Understanding & Recognizing Hoarding

If you or a family member struggle with hoarding, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn!

Understanding hoarding is a good place to start. Hoarding is NOT a result of being disorganized or lazy. Compulsive hoarding is a complex anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for a person to discard or part with possessions, regardless of their value.

People who struggle with hoarding, may want to keep items because they think they are valuable, that they will be useful one day or simply because they have sentimental value.

All of this excessive clutter can:Hoarding Cleanup

  • Lead to pest infestation
  • Make preparing or eating food challenging
  • Created a fire hazard, making it difficult to escape or control a fire
  • Prevent household repairs from being made

Our compassionate solution

We listen to the homeowner’s needs and stories. Often hoarding is not about stuff, it’s about life, love and loss. People struggling with hoarding often cling to possessions in an effort to cope with tragic losses or life events.

  • We show the homeowners respect and compassion
  • We take time to build trust
  • We ask permission before doing anything

Our proven process

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh has developed a proven process to help people affected by hoarding to clean out their homes and move towards a clutter-free life. The process is divided into three phases.

  • Understanding, listening, connecting
  • Creating a plan, cleaning, sorting
  • Family, aftercare, follow-up

There is hope. Change is possible, and we can help you get there!

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