Mold Removal Company | How to Design a Mold Resistant Home

Mold Removal

Homeowners who have ever dealt with a flood know that their worst enemy is mold. In fact, homeowners are often doing everything they can to make their homes mold-resistant if they live in coastal communities, flood zones, or have dealt with basement flooding from storm runoff. One of the best times to design a mold-resistant […]

Mold Removal | Do You Have to Declare Mold When Selling A Home?

Mold Removal

No home is immune to mold growth no matter how clean or old it is, or if it has had water damage and flooding. However, since mold can pose serious health risks to humans and animals, mold issues can be a big problem for homeowners who are trying to sell their home. If you’re trying […]

Mold Removal | Is Mold in the Basement Dangerous?

mold removal

Have you noticed a musty smell when you go into your basement lately? Is your basement damp or been recently flooded? Basements are a prime growing ground for mold and if we don’t use our basements regularly, mold can easily get out of control before we know it is there. Mold can be dangerous to […]

Mold Removal After Flooding | ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Flood Damage

Mold Removal After Flooding Whenever you have a flood or water damage issue, one of the major complications you have to watch for is mold growth. Needing mold removal services is common after flooding or a major natural disaster, but mold removal can be dangerous for homeowners and families. You need to know what you […]

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