Roof Water Damage: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

Roof water damage is something that needs to be handled quickly before it can turn into a dangerous, more costly problem. Water damage to your roof will usually appear as discolored spots on your ceiling caused by rings of mold growth caused by moisture.

If left unresolved, a water damaged roof can lead to a cave-in causing costly damage and posing a threat to the occupants inside the home.


Roof leaks are what lead to roof water damage. Here are some common causes of roof leaks:

Flashing Failure

The flashing is a thin metal sheet of galvanized steel that is installed at critical points on the roof such as the face of the roof meets the vertical wall making up the second store of the home. If the flashing is installed too tightly to the wall and the roof, it can become warped. This leaves a gap for water to enter, so the deformed flashing will need to be replaced.

Damaged Shingles

A leak caused by damaged shingles is likely to occur right after they are installed or after they have been on the roof for an extended period. If you experience a problem immediately, this is likely due to improper installation or defects from the manufacturer.

If your shingles are aged, looking curled, thin, ripped or have begun to fall off of the roof, you may need a complete roof replacement to avoid developing small leaks in different parts of the roof.

Damage to the Valley

The valley is where the two roof faces meet. Rainwater is channeled into this area, making it especially vulnerable to damage. Valleys with shingles turned on their side, rather than straight and cut to fit the valley, also known as California-style valleys, are more likely to have issues. Be sure to have a roofing professional install an open-valley or closed-cut valley to prevent damage.

Improperly Installed Roof Features

Any object, such as a chimney or skylight that penetrates the decking of the roof is known as a roof feature. These areas are especially vulnerable because they lead directly into the home. When having these features installed, it is essential to have flashing installed around them to keep water out effectively.

How to Prevent Roof Water Damage

Roof water damage is significant inconvenience and expense, so once you’ve dealt with it, you won’t want to go through it again. To prevent your roof from leaking, talk to a qualified roofing professional about establishing a regular roof maintenance program. This will allow the roofer to catch any potential issues and resolve them before they become major leaks.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Pittsburgh

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh specializes in water damage clean-up and restoration. If you’ve experienced water damage due to a leaky roof, you can count on ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh to quickly and efficiently clean and restore your property. Our expert team of technicians are highly-trained and will use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to eliminate water and prevent mold from forming.

With our 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency services, we are always ready to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our water damage restoration services.
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