water damage

Roof and Gutter Maintenance is Water Damage Prevention

The devastation caused by water damage is vast. Can you take proactive measures to protect your property? The damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster offer prevention tips so you can safeguard your home today.

When was the last time you checked your roof?

Would you even know what to look for? Chances are, unless you’ve had reason to, you haven’t inspected your roof. By the time you notice a leak or other water damage, it’s too late. We recommend that you get professional roofing maintenance done now, ensuring that your roof has no weak spots that pose a problem with weather.

If a repair is needed, it will cost you far less to tackle that than the aftermath of water damage, and the other issues it brings, inside your home.

Have you been maintaining your gutters?

Water has to go somewhere. If it can’t funnel away from your home through the gutters, it will find a way inside. Because water damage tends to start in the gutters when debris blocks them from doing their job, be sure to check them or have a professional do this for you to ensure they are operational.

In addition, the weight of water in overfull, blocked gutters will place structural strain and create damage to your home.

Watch overgrown landscaping

Trim back overgrown landscaping and check for signs of pests who tend to cause trouble with nesting materials and such, creating blockages and other vulnerabilities.

Need a professional in water damage prevention?

You’ve come to the right place. Call us today to schedule a time for your home to be checked. By placing the call today, you will save yourself the headache of water damage restoration tomorrow. We’re here to help homeowners avoid costly water damage.

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