Remove Leaves and Debris from your gutters

The tree-lined street or natural shade across your property that once drew you in when you bought your home may now become a source of contention. That’s because falling leaves tend to clog gutters, which leads to water damage.

The good news is you can prevent this from happening. The simplest and most effective way to reduce your chances of water damage is to clean out the leaves and debris from your gutters. Here’s why.


Clogged GuttersFallen leaves and debris can clog your gutters and prevent evaporation


All year long, regardless of climate, the weather brings moisture to your property. You either get rain or snow, and some years are wetter than others. But when there’s an excess in groundwater, you’ve got problems.


Evaporation is your friend.


  • It reduces the level of water in your lawn
  • Less chance of water to penetrate your home’s foundation
  • It leaves your soil alone–if not trapped by a layer of leaves


Clear gutters are your best friends.


Your gutters are an essential feature of your home. They allow water to travel away from your foundation and be deposited elsewhere. However, when leaves are left to accumulate inside of gutters, blocking the water’s pathway, the water has to go somewhere.

Additionally, a layer of leaves on your lawn will prevent the necessary evaporation from happening. That water too will affect your home, penetrating the foundation.


Here’s what we recommend to avoid the need for water damage restoration:


  • Spend the weekend clearing out your gutters
  • Rake up piles of leaves and remove them
  • Clean out debris that tends to accumulate


Do you have water damage already?


Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh today for assistance! We are staffed with a team who understands the complexities of professional clean-up and restoration. We’ll provide you with a no obligation, complimentary estimate, and if it meets your satisfaction, we’ll work with your insurance agent to assist in your claim.

ServiceMaster is ready to lend a hand.

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