How to avoid a Puff Back in your Home or Office

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Puff back can cause several devastating affects to not only a person’s home, but it is also a safety and health risk as well. Luckily, if proper care is taken then many home and business owners can avoid experiencing puff back altogether.

Steps to take to avoid puff back:

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  1. Have your oil-fired furnace and/or water heater inspected annually by a professional heating and air conditioning company
  2. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your furnace, then contact a heating and air conditioning company to have your furnace looked at even if it has already been inspected
  3. Keep your furnace free from dust and debris. Dust and debris can create a fire hazard, especially near the ignition point of your furnace
  4. Have sticky, oily debris that has built up inside of your furnace cleaned by a professional. Every day home cleaning products are not effective at cleaning this type of residue and can be dangerous to use near the furnace. Since many cleaning products are flammable, it is not recommended that you try to clean the area on your own.

Many home and business owners avoid having their furnaces inspected and maintained annually because of the small cost associated with it, but in avoiding this small expense, it exposes the risk of more costly repair and replacement damages in the future. In addition, the results of puff back are not only costly to clean and restore, it is a health and safety risk. For business owners, if puff back has occurred, then the area will need to be evacuated until it is properly cleaned and restored and the air quality has been tested to deem it safe for occupying. This can mean a significant loss in productivity in the workplace and disgruntled employees that will be displaced until the area is restored.

Service Master of Greater Pittsburgh has experts trained to clean and restore your home or business after the devastating effects of puff back.

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