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Flood Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | What to Do When Your Basement Floods

The basement is highly prone to flooding, whether that is from rainstorms or burst plumbing lines. When it happens, you should call your water damage restoration company. ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, helping you restore your basement as soon as possible. 


What should you do when your basement floods? Below are helpful pointers. 


Remove Water


Once you have figured out the water source, you ought to remove it to prevent further damage to your valuables in the basement. You should use a wet vacuum to remove the water, and if that is not a viable choice, contact professionals for flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh


Dry the Basement


Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry the basement, paying attention to the most affected areas. This will discourage mold growth which can be a task to deal with after water damage. If the basement has air conditioning, run it to help drive the moisture away. 


Clean Up


Clean up the floors and remove any damaged items. Set valuables outside to dry and expose as much basement room as possible. Thorough cleaning will prevent foul odors from developing out of the moisture buildup. 


While at it, make sure you use protective equipment such as gloves, rubber clothing, and safety boots. Also, use cleaning solvents that are safe for the types of walls and floors you have in your basement. 


Fix The Problem


Where did the water come from? If a faulty pipe bursts and floods the basement, repair or replace it to prevent a similar problem in the future. Suppose the flooding was from broken downspouts and drains; repair or replace them immediately. 


Flooding in the basement can cause significant damage to your valuables, not forgetting the walls and the floors. If this happens to you, the best approach would be to hire ServiceMaster. They provide flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, and with their practical tools and trained teams, they ensure quick restoration. 


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