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Flood Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | 5 Common Types of Floods

Floods are some of the widespread natural disasters, causing huge losses and extensive damage. If flooding occurs and, unfortunately, your home gets affected, the best you can do is involve Service Master. They provide flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and will help you settle back in after flooding. 


It is essential to know the different types of floods to prepare accordingly and prevent damage to your property. 


Flash Floods


These are mainly caused by heavy, constant rainfall or a rapid snow thaw. They come as fast-moving waters sweeping anything in their path. Flash floods affect small areas and can occur unexpectedly, carrying large objects such as trees and cars. 


Coastal Floods


If you live on a coastline or near the ocean, strong winds or storms can bring about coastal floods to your property. These affect areas with lower elevation and fewer defenses, causing a water influx from high tides. 


River Floods


These are due to the river banks swelling and eventually erupting, causing flooding around the area. This usually happens during heavy rainfall when the river cannot hold a large influx of water. 


Urban Floods


These occur when the main drainage system in an urban area fails to hold the high amounts of water from rain. Also, if an area is not inclined naturally to drain water, urban floods occur. These can be dangerous and cause damage to properties. 


In such a case, the best you can do is stay safe and leave the mess to professionals. Service Master provides flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburg, and thanks to the team, they can restore your property as soon as possible. 


Pluvial Floods


These are as a result of water collecting on flat areas where drainage is poor. When it rains heavily, the water collects, forming ponds. These clear with time, but temporary drainage systems may be necessary to clear the water. 


Dealing with floods can be traumatic and overwhelming; but, with Service Master, you do not have to worry about the cleanup process. They offer flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburg area, ensuring effective restoration of your property.


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