Do I Need to Have My Home Tested for Mold?

Testing Your Home for Mold

The thought that you could have mold in your home is a scary one. Mold can not only cause health problems, but it can reduce your home’s resale value. Mold can also be costly to remove. There are several telltale signs that your home might contain mold. In addition, any surface that can retain moisture can be susceptible to mold. This includes bathrooms, attics, windows, laundry rooms, kitchens and virtually anywhere that water and/or moisture can enter the home. Basements are especially susceptible to mold growth because being underground they can oftentimes be damp and humid.

Testing for Mold

If you are questioning whether you should test your home for mold, then that is probably a good indication that you suspect a problem. There are common signs that will likely tell you whether or not your home could be infiltrated by mold. Testing for mold is a fairly easy and noninvasive process depending on the method used. While there are mold testing kits that are available to consumers, the best and most accurate way to test your home for mold is to have an air test done by a professional. The air test is done in multiple areas of the home including outdoors. The results are also not only accurate, but concise.

Mold Removal Services

Could Mold Be Present?

If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below, then it is a good idea to have your home tested for mold.

  • Has water leaked into your basement?
  • Do you see signs of water stains on your basement walls or ceiling?
  • Is there a crystal-like substance on your basement ceiling?
  • Do paper products in your basement feel slightly damp?
  • Does your basement smell musty?

Benefits of Mold Testing

Having your home tested for mold is beneficial for health reasons. If you or your family suffer from allergies or breathing problems, having mold removed can mean better health and quality of life. In addition, having the test on record is worthwhile if you decide to sell your home. It provides the potential buyer with peace of mind and the confidence that your home was taken care of. If mold is present and removed with additional steps are taken to prevent it from happening again, then it is not likely to be a deterrent to potential buyers. Waterproofing and dehumidifying can be done to prevent future issues with possible mold growth.

Costs of Mold Testing

Mold testing costs vary and will depend on the size of your home. The larger the home, the more areas that will need to be tested and the more expensive the test will be. The average of a professional air test is around $400 to $600. While this may seem like a significant amount to invest, knowing that your home and family are safe makes the cost worthwhile.

If you need your home tested for mold, then contact Service Master of Pittsburgh. Service Master’s experts can test your home for mold and give you the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe.

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