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Odors can be one of the most difficult specialty cleaning projects that a customer can face. Whether it be smoke odor, pet odor, skunk odor from an unfortunate confrontation or that unknown funky smell, these odors can overtake your personal space. Sometimes, sensitivity to these odors can cause physical discomfort.

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh creates an individualized plan for your specific issue. Often a multiple step approach is needed to remove malodors and restore your property to a fresh, clean environment. ServiceMaster Restore can incorporate green products and techniques into our approach to enhance the process. Our project managers and technicians are experienced in determining the source and using various techniques and new technology such as ozone, hydroxyl, vapor tech, and thermal fogging to eliminate the malodors in your home or business. ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh has the capabilities and experience to treat a wide range of bad odors.

For additional information or to schedule your repair estimate, please contact us at 412-826-1010. We offer 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency services – including holidays — and quick response time. From Myoma to Glassport, to Trafford and Bavington, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh is here to assist you.
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