Crawl Space Water Damage

The crawl space in your home is where you store seasonal items and other things that you don’t use every day, leaving your crawl space out of sight and out of mind. Water damage to crawl spaces is common, so it is essential to check your crawl space every three months or so to ensure it is dry.

If you notice there is water present in the crawl space, it is crucial to resolve the issue immediately before further damage can occur or before mold can begin forming.

What Causes Crawl Space Water Damage?Crawl Space Water Damage

If you find water in your crawl space, you may be wondering where the water came from. Common sources of crawl space water damage include:

Broken or Leaky Pipe

A puddle of water in the crawl space typically indicates a damaged or leaky pipe. This could be clean water or used water. The smell of the water will likely make it evident that it is sewer water. If the water has a musty smell, it is likely clean water that has been sitting in the crawl space for a while.

Leaky Roof

Although it is unlikely that a problem with your roof could cause an issue with your crawl space, if your crawl space is attached to the roof, you may find the wall and ceiling of the crawl space are water damaged.
If your crawl space is located at the bottom of the home, it can be affected by a leaky roof if the water is redirected into the attic and to the inside of a wall. This will cause the water to pour down into the crawl space causing severe damage.

Humidity Issues

Excess humidity can also be a source of water in your crawl space, especially if you have an older home with broken window seals. A crawl space can make this issue worse if it is unsealed or has dirt on the ground because the water evaporates out of dirt and into the crawl space. This excessive humidity can cause mold growth and can also lower the air quality in your home.

Emergency Water Damage Clean Up and Restoration

Effectively cleaning up and repairing crawl space damage requires specialized expertise and equipment to ensure your home is restored correctly. At ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh, we offer 24/7 emergency water damage clean up services. With a team of highly-trained technicians and state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we can efficiently clean and restore your home to help avoid additional damage and mold growth. Contact us today to learn more about our water damage restoration services.
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