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The site that was once your home or business may now also be a construction site. The complete safety of all occupants of the buildings or homes that we work in is our top priority. We are constantly challenged to be ever safer while producing the work required. Our crews are trained and overseen by our safety committee. All of our workers and all specialty vendors are covered by workman’s compensation insurance for your benefit and protection. You should request the insurance certifications for all vendors who work on your property. Our goal is to have our workers return home in the same condition as they arrived to work. We extend that same concern to all of the occupants at sites where we work.

About Payment

It is said that an army marches on its stomach. A hungry army will not perform. So it is with the remodeling or disaster restoration industry. It is the responsibility of the property owner to honor the payment schedules established in the repair and reconstruction contract. Your project manager and your reconstruction support team will work to help you navigate the maze that can be the flow of funds on a restoration/reconstruction project. We will aid you in working with your insurance company, your mortgage company, and all other parties involved with the claim payment process. However, ultimately it is the property owner’s responsibility to see that payments are made in a timely fashion. Delays in the project or work stoppage can be the result of missed or delayed payments. The contract payment schedule is set to protect all parties to the event and to expedite the rebuilding and repair process. Be sure to ask your personal project manager to explain anything that is unclear. Below are some concepts to understand.
Your insurance adjuster or agent will also be happy to explain these and various other concepts that might come into play.
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