6 Risks Associated with Hoarding

Now is the time of year when homeowners get serious about clearing out the clutter. With spring cleaning underway, it’s time to dust off those items you haven’t used all year and have a yard sale with your neighbors.

Do you find it difficult to part with anything, having formed an emotional attachment? Do you have collections that must stay together? The problem is when those attachments put you or your family at risk.

Here are six dangers associated with hoarding.Hoarding Cleanup

1.   Fire safety is severely compromised for these reasons:

  • Items that accumulates can be flammable
  • Clutter may accidentally cover heating vents or come into contact with faulty wires
  • Traps you and your family and prevents you from exiting the property in the event of a fire
  • Obstructs entrances, preventing first responders from helping you during an emergency

2.   Injuries

When your path is blocked, you or a family member could trip or fall and sustain injury. Piles and stacks can grow as tall as the ceiling, toppling onto family members or yourself, trapping you underneath it all.

3. Diseases

Pest control experts will tell you that insects and rodents love clutter and a hoarded home is their ideal environment. The problem is your health is compromised as you can be infected by diseases pests carry.

4. Mold

Do you find yourself keeping leftovers and other food items that have expired just because you can’t throw them out? Mold growth is a serious issue for hoarders, resulting in infestations and respiratory and other health issues.

5. Air quality

Are you or a family member allergic to dust? Clutter from hoarding will create more dust, odors, and ammonia making it difficult to breathe for your family and pets.

6. Excessive weight on the structure of your home

A home that has been filled to an excess will eventually become damaged structurally. It will be harder to access HVAC equipment, for instance. The entire integrity will be at risk.

Where to begin?

ServiceMaster is a leading provider of hoarding clean-up in your area. We have the experience, equipment, and ability to tackle the job including:

  • Protective gear to guard against bacteria and diseases
  • Cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies
  • Removal of contents using a staging area where items are sorted and determined what is permitted to be discarded in the trash and what cannot go there, such as paint. We also provide a dumpster-sized receptacle.
  • Repair and cleaning of the property once it is clutter free

Reach out to your trusted damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster to get started with clean-up from top to bottom.

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