5 Tips for Limiting Fire Damage in your Home

When your home is damaged by fire, it is a frustrating and devasting experience for you and your family. With your personal belongings and home damaged, you may be looking for ways you can further protect your home from damage or trying to decide if you need to leave the work to a professional restoration company.

Fire and smoke damage can be challenging to deal with, so it is always crucial to hire a professional restoration company to assist you in resolving those issues. They have the expertise, proper cleaning products, and specialized equipment to safely and efficiently restore your home.

Pittsburgh Smoke Damage RemediationHowever, while you are waiting for the professionals to begin their work, there are measures you can take to help protect your home from further damage. At ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh, we have put together a list of tips to help you prepare your home for the restoration process.

Limit Activity and Foot Traffic

To prevent the smoke particles, soot, and dirt from spreading all over the home, it is crucial to minimize foot traffic and activity throughout the house by staying off the furniture, upholstery, and carpets.

Before moving around inside your home, be sure to put down a barrier of clean towels or sheets on the furniture and floor to trap the particles and prevent them from moving around the home.

Change All Filters After Smoke Damage

Another way to keep dirt, soot, and smoke particles from circulating in your home is to replace all the filters, including your furnace filters, air filters, and air conditioning filters.

Avoid Washing Walls or Carpets

Without the proper cleaning supplies or techniques, you could cause further damage to your walls or carpets, so it is best to leave this task to the professionals. Keep in mind that it is best to leave cleaning soot covered surfaces and items to the professionals to avoid further damage.

Don’t Clean Your Appliances

It is crucial that you avoid cleaning your kitchen appliances yourself. Electrical connections and wiring could have been damaged during the fire and will require specialized cleaning performed by a professional to avoid damaging them further.

Clean Out the Pantry

If you have food items that were exposed to fire and smoke, it is essential to avoid eating them.  Throw out all foods that were or may have been exposed to smoke or fire.

Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Don’t risk causing further damage to your home by trying to clean restore it yourself. Trust the professionals at ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh to help you restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From Emergency decontamination and corrosion control to Complete reconstruction and redecorating, our team of fire and smoke damage restoration professionals can help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our fire and smoke damage restoration services.
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