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5 Fire Recovery Tips From A Pittsburgh Disaster Restoration Company

According to recent US National Fire Protection Association data, 338,000 house fires were reported in 2021. And the leading cause of home fires was cooking, followed by heating equipment. Home fires are stressful to deal with. Taking swift action to minimize damage and initiating the restoration process is crucial. We bring you expert advice from a Pittsburgh disaster restoration company. ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh shares specialist advice in this blog post regarding the steps to take for recovering from a fire.

Essential Tips to Follow | Pittsburgh Disaster Restoration Company

Call your Insurance Provider ASAP

Call your insurance provider to notify them about the incident. Your home insurance may cover accidental fire damage, and informing your insurance provider can help in the claim filing procedure. So, keep in touch with your insurance company during fire damage restoration.

Assess Property Damage

Assessing post-fire damage at home is a meticulous process. Professionals inspect the structural integrity, identifying compromised areas. They evaluate the extent of destruction to walls, floors, and ceilings. Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are examined for safety. Valuables, and personal items are documented for insurance claims. Smoke and soot’s impact on surfaces is assessed. This comprehensive evaluation guides restoration decisions, helping homeowners rebuild and recover efficiently while ensuring safety and minimizing future risks. Involve a Pittsburgh disaster restoration company during property assessment to better understand the fire damage.

Soot, Water, and Debris Removal | Pittsburgh Disaster Restoration Company

After the assessment, you must ensure your removal of soot, water, and debris. It is the most time-consuming part of fire damage restoration. So, it’s crucial to call in a professional in disaster restoration than DIY. You must ensure no standing water remains, which could cause mold growth and corrosion. In addition, hazardous gases may still be trapped, so open windows and doors to clear out the smoke after the fire.

Protect Your Home

You may need to temporarily relocate until the Pittsburgh disaster restoration company completes fire damage restoration. When relocating during fire damage restoration, safeguarding your home from unlawful entry is crucial. Secure all entry points with sturdy locks and deadbolts. Consider installing a security system with cameras and alarms to deter potential intruders. These precautions ensure your home remains protected throughout the restoration period.

Call a Pittsburgh Disaster Restoration Company

Dealing with a house fire can take an emotional toll, leading to stress. It’s best to involve a disaster restoration company to alleviate your stress. These experts are specialists in fire damage restoration. They can aid you throughout the process, even during filing insurance claims.

In conclusion, dealing with a house fire can be stressful, but swift action is crucial for damage restoration. Ensure you inform your insurance provider of the incident and follow it along with property assessment to understand the damage extent. Next, remove any soot and standing water to prevent potential issues and take measures to secure the property from unlawful entry. Ensure that you involve a restoration specialist for assistance.

Trust a Qualified Pittsburgh Disaster Restoration Company for Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Navigate post-fire recovery with ease. ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh is a trusted Pittsburgh disaster restoration company with expertise in fire damage restoration. Get back on your feet with our top recovery tips. Reach out to us now.

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