Burst Pipe in Your Pittsburgh Home

3 Reasons For A Burst Pipe in Your Pittsburgh Home

Pipes suddenly bursting isn’t a mystery; there are reasons behind it. And by understanding how it occurs, you can prevent a burst pipe in Your Pittsburgh home. So, join ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh in unraveling the mysteries behind this plumbing problem.

The Reasons Behind Burst Pipe in Your Pittsburgh Home

Extreme Temperature Shift

If you live in Pittsburgh, you know how cold winters can get, going below 7⁰F. Water expands when cooled down. Sudden temperature shifts can cause your plumbing system to freeze, expand, and eventually burst.

Increased Pressure | Burst Pipe in Your Pittsburgh Home

Similarly, storms and heavy rainfall can cause pipe bursts. As water accumulates in reserves, it can increase the water pressure in the pipes, which may cause them to rupture.

Poor Insulation

Poor insulation is another common reason you may end up with a burst pipe in your Pittsburgh home. When pipes aren’t properly insulated, they can freeze during the cold season. The water inside expands, which may result in a leak or a pipe burst.

Signs That Point Toward Potential Burst Pipe in Your Pittsburgh Home

Ceiling and Wall Stains

Take a closer look at your walls and ceiling. Did you notice any stains, patches, or discoloration on it? If yes, then it could point toward a leak. And a leak may ultimately point towards a potential pipe burst.

Water Puddles | Burst Pipe in Your Pittsburgh Home

Pipe bursts usually start small, like minor leaks, and eventually become a full-blown plumbing emergency. Small puddles could indicate leaks, so get them fixed by an expert technician to avoid burst pipes in your Pittsburgh home.

Unusual Water Smell and Taste

Yes, sometimes, even how the water taste and smells can indicate a potential pipe burst. As pipes burst due to leaks, the material can mix as they pass through walls, causing it to taste and smell weird. Call an expert technician immediately before it becomes something significant.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes in Your Pittsburgh Home?

Invest in Insulation

Ensure pipes are properly insulated, especially during the cold season, to prevent freezing. Consult an expert water technician on proper insulation techniques to safeguard pipes during the snowy season.

Let Faucets Drip | Burst Pipe in Your Pittsburgh Home

Although it sounds a bit unorthodox, however letting your pipes slowly drip ensures the water doesn’t freeze inside the pipes. Consider turning up the thermostat to ensure water remains fluid.

Call in an Expert Technician to get Plumbing Repairs Done

You must get all plumbing issues fixed before the cold weather sets in. Take care of leaky pipes and ruptures by calling an expert. This way, you’ll prevent burst pipes in your Pittsburgh home.


To summarize, pipe bursts are common during winter due to extreme temperature shifts, increased pressure, or poor ventilation. Contact an expert technician immediately if you find discolored patches on walls and ceiling, small puddles under pipes, and an unusual smell or taste in water. Invest in proper pipe insulation and repair any pending plumbing issues before winter hits to reduce the risk of pipe bursts.

Take care of Burst Pipe in your Pittsburgh Home Immediately with Qualified Technicians

Do you have a burst pipe in your Pittsburgh home? Count on our 24-hour response at ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh. From burst pipes to water damage, we’re here to help. Contact us now for swift and expert assistance.

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